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For the past 9 years, WorshipArts has been supported by generous families and churches who share our vision to disciple youth in South West Michigan. All of the ministry training we've done up to this point would not have been possible without the spiritual, physical and financial help from this community of believers! The students and leaders of WorshipArts are so grateful! 

Many of you have been praying with us for a WorshipArts building, a place to call our own. A space where students can use all of the gifts and talents that God has given them for His glory. A place where we can teach them to worship with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, knowing that God's looking inward. 

After 9 years of praying for our own space to do these things in, I’m excited to announce that we’re beginning work on a dedicated place for WorshipArts in June. 

It's 2800 square feet, and it has enough room for all of our worship and drama and tech classes. Our chapel services will meet here every week. There’s enough room for 100 youth in the space. There’s two smaller rooms that can be used for storage and smaller meetings. 

We’re located inside an old factory building in one of the industrial areas of downtown Kalamazoo. There are beautiful windows overlooking the city of Kalamazoo. 

We're excited about making it a space that feels good. When you walk in, you know that it’s a space where the people love God. Where the people here are creative in their worship. Where real discipleship is happening. Where excellence is valued. Where lives are being changed. 

The space is very unfinished, and it needs a lot of work. We’re going to be having some work days this summer, we need to paint and do some repairs. Put up a couple of walls and doors. Build a stage and get some seating and tables. Put up some better lighting. 

We’ve also been borrowing a lot of tools from other ministries to do what we do. That drum sets and keyboards that we've been using on a weekly basis are from one church. Most of the lights we train our tech team to use are from another ministry. Most of the cameras and computers where we do our worship video projects aren’t ours. 

All in all we’re looking to raise $15000 to make this building into the best place it can be.

We believe God will provide all our needs, because He has always provided. This isn't an impossible amount of money. We know God’s got this in hand.

Whether the money comes in right away or if we have to raise it over time, we’re going to be moving in this Summer! Worship nights and prayer meetings will begin right away! We look forward to showing you around the new facility!

And Season 20 of WorshipArts will begin in August, and we’re going to fill this space with worship music, and prayer, and the preaching of the gospel. I’m believing for God to touch students in a life-changing way in this building

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