What is WOrshipArts?

Inspiring Teens to Use Their Gifts for God.

We create experiences for students to grow in Christian ministry and leadership.





Music | Worship | Leadership | Band Mechanics


Ensemble | Worship | Harmony


Storytelling | Acting | Evangelism


Sound | Lights | Excellence | Servanthood


Video | Photo | Production

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WorshipArts Director

Peter Webb

Peter Webb pulls from over a decade of experience in church ministry & leadership. He oversees all WorshipArts classes and events. He serves at his local church, and his passion is to inspire and equip youth to do the same in their home churches. He is married to his wonderful wife Tori Webb, and the delight of their hearts is their daughter, Esther Joy. 

camps for Ages 13-18

Jam-packed with workshops, rehearsals, speakers, devotions and games, our camp loads campers up with a passion for spending time with God, and confidence in worshiping Him in private and on a stage. We host worship team and drama camps throughout the summer.

season for Ages 11-18

Our main training experience happens in the fall and spring, where students learn to use their gifts for God. Worship and drama tracks, media and tech students work together to host worship events for their community. Along the way they gain skills useful to their local church.


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Lessons for Ages 7 - 107

We offer affordable, weekly, private lessons to those that want to grow in their music skills. Whether it be piano, guitar, bass, drums or voice, we can coach you on how to use your talents in praise and worship music.