WorshipArts Seasons: our main training experience happens in the fall and spring, where students learn to use their gifts for God. Worship, drama and tech students work together to host worship events for the community. Along the way they gain skills useful to their home church.

A big part of what we do is
encouragement and building confidence.
Once students know that they can excel in our environment, they feel empowered to boldly step out and share their gifts wherever God takes them.    

WorshipArts' 22nd season is coming soon, and rehearsals begin August 31st.

We've been working with students across the greater Kalamazoo area since the Summer of 2009, enabling and encouraging them to use their gifts for the kingdom of God. Since then we've taught students from over 50 churches, many of them returning again and again. We've seen amazing success with high school students getting plugged into their local church, often within months of joining WorshipArts. We've trained worship teams, drama team leaders, tech crew, preachers, artists and photographers how to build up the body of Christ with the talents and skills they have. 


Choose From:

Worship Teams

Music | Worship | Leadership | Band Mechanics

Seraphim Human Video Teams

Drama | Storytelling | Acting | Evangelism

Media Team

Video | Photo | Production

Tech Team

Sound | Lights | Excellence | Servanthood

WA Voices

Worship | Singing | Harmony