Rachel Lawrence

"I’ve been a part of WorshipArts for six years, and to me WorshipArts is a community that has made me who I am today. It’s ministry training and it’s teaching us how to worship but it’s also a community where we can grow and learn together and make friends and have a family.

WorshipArts has really been a big driving force in my relationship with God. Before WorshipArts I knew a lot about God, but it wasn’t really important to me to have a relationship with Him. WorshipArts has really encouraged me to grow in everything spiritual, growing my relationship with God, learning more about Him and communicating what I’ve learned about Him to other people.

My music skills have improved a lot. I’ve learned how to harmonize and blend with other people. I’ve gotten better at singing and I’ve learned how to play keyboard and guitar.

One of my favorite memories from WorshipArts is one time when our traveling ministry team went to another youth group, and we were praying for people. It was one of the first times I could sung spontaneously in worship. That moment really changed how I worship from that point on."