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The mission of WorshipArts has always been to train youth to fill the needs of the local church. Since 2009 we’ve trained hundreds of students in worship ministry, evangelistic drama, sound tech, video media, photography and the public preaching of the gospel. Our students are encouraged to commit to serving their local church with the gifts and talents God planted in them.

Looking ahead, we have a new goal: to provide the Christian youth in our area with training in church lighting technology. And we need your help to do it.

Nearly all churches pay special attention to the lighting for their Sunday services, youth groups, and special events. Whether they strive for a bright, well-lit environment or a darker, more intimate atmosphere, there have always been Christians who have served their churches and pastors in designing light that fits the vision wherever they are planted. Whether they use candles, stained glass windows, incandescent bulbs or spot lights, it’s usually the case that more thought goes into lighting than meets the eye.

We’ve borrowed the mobile lighting setups from different ministries, and we’ve been able to train a dozen students in the very basics up to this point. But our goal is to train over a hundred students in church lighting in the next few years. Having our own lighting equipment means the students don’t have to wait until we’re setting up for a WorshipArts service to learn. They can practice and experiment throughout the week under the guidance of instructors and other trained students. We want to be a blessing to dozens of churches in our city and the ministries all over the nation our students serve at during college and future careers.

At WorshipArts we teach that the tools and styles we use to encourage and facilitate worship, fellowship and discipleship are always second to God’s mission for what He wants to do in people’s hearts. It matters less whether we use pipe organs, folk guitars, or drums, and more about whether or not people are encouraged to connect with God and each other. Worship leading speaker and author Bob Kauflin says “Aesthetic elements should support and complement our response to God’s Word and the gospel, not overpower it, distract from it, or be the foundation for it.”

This equipment will allow us to do more with our time. For each WA event we spend many last minute hours transporting and programing a smaller set of borrowed lights to support our drama performances and worship services. Most of this is done personally by myself, with very little time available for teaching students in the skill. We have students ready and waiting to learn how to design, set up, operate church lighting. All we need is the equipment to begin training on a weekly basis.

The total cost of the lighting we’re looking to purchase is about $4000. If we don’t raise the entire amount we will purchase what we can with the money we raise. If we raise extra we will put it towards extra lighting and sound equipment WorshipArts can use to train students.

Will you support the ministry of WorshipArts by donating towards this need? Your investment into the youth of this area will have an immediate effect on students, and will make a difference year after year.