Our mission statement is “Inspiring and equipping teens to use their gifts for God.”

This is our 16th season of doing this. We’ve had students from over 30 churches involved. Dozens of our students are now serving on their church’s worship teams or video team; preaching at their youth group and in bible studies at their schools; and we’ve had students do recording projects on their own, and in professional studios. God’s doing some awesome things in the lives of teens and we’re so honored to be a part of it. 

Our goal is to do what Jesus did, which is disciple people that will disciple others. We want to establish such an amazing environment and culture for growth that students can just be around WorshipArts and succeed. We focus on building the church as a whole through the youth.


The commitment is attending weekly rehearsals and scheduled ministry nights, accomplishing practice assignments throughout the week, and doing one "final project" that represents your best work and is themed around Worship, Discipleship or Evangelism. 


Students (both high school and middle school) may participate in their first track for a total of four $50 payments. Additional tracks are $25 payments. Payments are due by the first of each month beginning in January. There is a $10 late fee for payments after those dates.


Rehearsals and meetings will take place at churches in Kalamazoo. We will announce exact times and places after the signup deadline. Sometimes there are small changes to rehearsal times due to unbalanced amounts of applications.


Every single student in every single track participates in our end of the season worship celebration called APEX on Saturday, December. The day will be divided into sessions, and a schedule will be sent out so that family and friends can be invited to the appropriate timeframe(s). Typically younger students are towards the morning and older students are towards the evening. All students should plan on staying for the whole event. 


The WorshipArts ministry teams include Seraphim Omega and Corinthians. These teams will be required to attend 4-8 ministry events throughout the spring. A certain character and maturity is required to be on these teams as they will be serving and frequently be setting examples. Also, there are skill and age requirements that are less flexible than other teams. In most cases, two weeks notice will be given before traveling events. Ministry team members will be expected to pay close attention to emails that are sent outOTHER EVENTS

All middle-school, highschool students and at least one parent must attend the Mandatory Student-Parent Meeting on January 23rd, 10-12 AM in Kzoo. There will be a $20 fee for parents/students who can't attend and must attend a make-up meeting. March 19th: Highschool photoshoot followed by the Horizon Night of Worship led by all WorshipArts High School students. In addition, there will be a pizza party the Tuesday after APEX, May 17th.


Students cannot miss rehearsals that aren't approved before the season begins. Please think through your conflicts for the entire season and list them when you turn in your application (past conflicts students have shared include: youth group retreats, family vacations, school plays, doctor visits, sports practices/games, church commitments, Great-Grandma's 90th birthday, etc.). We will take all conflicts listed on the application into account. If something comes up after the season has begun (sickness, family emergency, etc.) we will show grace one time. Each team depends heavily on each student's participation. After a number of absences, you could be asked to leave the team without reimbursement of paid tuition.


All notices are sent out via Email. At the bottom of each email there is a running calendar of upcoming events with all known details about each. In addition, there is a Parents and Students facebook group that also contains all of the emails that we send. 


Call (269)569-4174 or email   


Click the sign up button and fill it out with as much information as you can. If teams fill up many times it will be first-come, first-serve, so sign up soon! The week of January 9th there will be an email sent out with team assignments and more information.